Peeps, Smoking & Alcohol

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I obviously have way too much time on my hands this evening, much like the mad little student-scientists who recorded this study of the effects of smoking and alcohol on everybody's (well, not mine) favorite Easter treat, Peeps.

thanks to the summa's wacky neighbor christian for the link.


For those who eschew alcohol and tobacco, you can achieve the same effect by putting the Peep in the microwave. Some people's children find this to be a delicacy. (Now all I can do is beg them to use a glass plate.....we've had a few melt-downs when less heat-resistant plastics were used. That's a dreadful smell. I'd rather have the Peeps smoking and drinking....)


This one had me tearing up from laughing..

Smock, you're a little twisted. But coming from me, that's a compliment.



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