Tom has a new son!

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Baby Andrew has arrived. Mom and kiddo in perfect shape. Check here for the update:GoodForm


Great news!

Tom talks on his blog about how his wife is experiencing those after pains that come when the uterus is going back down... OUCH!! Anyone else remember that? And then I started remembering about the nursing and those pains, and the sore nipples when they're learning to nurse and I can't believe I signed up for that over and over again!! They must be worth it : )

did you just write nipple? do comment boxes pop up on search engines? oh lawdy, i hope not.

No news about the latest Summa Baby? Did I miss anything?

No Summa Baby yet. Kirsten is waiting, waiting, waiting. Smock thinks the baby will be born on the 29th. We may have to start taking bets on birth date/time.

MamaT, put me down for 4 matchsticks that Olivia/Oliver is coming on the 29th.



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