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For the St. Blog's 1st annual awards. Go here.

Thank you to whoever nominated the Summa Mamas in the best group blog category! (I figure there must only BE 5 group blogs--how else to explain us being in the company of the Mommies, Catholic Light, The Shrine of the Holy Whapping, and Envoy? Go figure!)

I've already voted--and no, I didn't vote for US!


It is more than that you have to be nominated and still come out to the top five nominated, and there are more than five group blogs.

I did nominate your blog for that category.

Why, thank you, Mr. Miller!

We appreciate the nod!

We are off fanning ourselves and having a cooling drink...... lest our heads swell!

I nominated you three AND I voted for you. I like having a blog in my bookmarks by people I really know!! What else is there to during naptime but read other people's thoughts? (Don't mention that mountain of dirty clothing that keeps piling up, and nevermind the sink not being shiny...)



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