100 tidbits, part three

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59. i like quirky people, especially those with chutzpah.
58. i think i'm quirky, but i know i'm snarky (see #80).
57. i live for my children. and, it's the right thing to do.
56. according to the ignatian spiritual exercises, my deadliest sin is anger.
55. i don't shop at malls because i don't like crowds.
54. i grew up an only child.
53. i don't trust liars, politicians or ďprogressiveĒ catholics. there is no punch line, that's just how it is.
52. esther and job are my favorite OT characters.
51. iím always on the look-out for the perfect cheap pen.
50. i prefer clicky tops to twisty bottoms.
49. it amuses me that europeans call americans fascist, when europe is the true breeding ground for dictatorships and totalitarian regimes.
48. i like playing solitaire.
47. i hope to be a model of elegance and civility someday. iíve got a long way to go.
46. my favorite toothpaste is crest for kids. i also like crest citrus breeze (orange, for grown-ups).
45. iím a kid at heart.
44. this explains the immaturity.
43. some people think iím smart.
42. this makes me feel like an imposter.
41. iím a cynic. i think people who call themselves ďrealistsĒ are living in denial.
40. i pray in the shower -- the water reminds me of new life, baptism, the Holy Spirit.


I enjoy reading these. I don't know enough about you. I loved coming over when I was pregnant with Jeric, you have no idea how great that was for me to be able to see a real mom in action & get tips (we used the transition from family bed to toddler bed to own bed tip & it works great). Now I get to attempt to be one ;)

I am NOT in denial. :-)

i thought you'd say that. =)

you remind me of me! and if you're not smart then the Holy Spirit has a good hold of your tongue because you sure sound like you know what you're saying.

and prayer is good anywhere! I pray when I drive.

LOL! I, too, love the citrus-flavored toothpaste! Glad I'm not alone!



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