100 tidbits, part four

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39. iím a mediocre chef, but i am the queen of crock-pot cooking.
38. i call my guardian angel by name.
37. i named my angel ďbarnarbasĒ after saint barnabas, whose name means ďson of encouragement,Ē because i typically need all of the encouragement i can get.
36. i speak to think. yes, i am aware that this order is backwards.
35. i also tend to speak in thoughts. if you arenít a mind reader, you might get lost in the translation.
34. i feel masculine and ornery whenever i wear jeans.
33. i rarely wear jeans.
32. i once caved in to road rage when a kid cut me off in traffic.
31. i followed the punk home and got the info off his momís car. i took it to the police and filed an official report.
30. iím the sort who can get lost in a mall parking lot without detailed directions.
29. but, if iíve driven to a destination once, i wonít ever forget how to get there.
28. i think people who ride motorcycles without helmets are stupid and selfish.
27. my brother died because he wasnít wearing a helmet.
26. no matter how hard i try not to, i believe sports cars are entirely phallic.
25. i learned how to drive in my dadís el camino. remember those?
24. iím a defensive driver.
23. iím the one driver who will let you onto the freeway.
22. by the grace of God, i survived a car accident that all reason said i shouldnít have.
21. iíve been living on borrowed time since october 19th 1989.
20. iím glad.


mediocre chef is still 100 steps higher than me. My wife told me that next I even thought about what to make it better be reservations!

hey, crock-pot queen, wanna share some recipes sometime?

Hey! My guardian angel is named Benjamin, and I call him by name. I was reading Sancta Sanctis--and she was talking about her angel, Anthony. I wondered how she knew his name, and then I thought, "Well, I guess I could just ASK!" So I did. And ever so clearly the name Benjamin appeared in my head.

I need crock pot recipes! Especially ones that selective eaters will, uh, at least try.

I just want to say...Thank Goodness that you survived and are here to love and encourage those around you :o)
God is so Good!

I love using the crock pot...please share your recipes!



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