And because the Smockmomma "suggested" that I do this, too:

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The first installment of MamaT's 100 trivial bits. (And yes, SpecialK, it means you will have to eventually do it as well!) I will post mine in italics (and with capital letters :-P) so they'll be different from the Smock's:

100. My “life verse”, so to speak, is Psalm 84.
99. My “go to girl” is St. Martha.
98. I am a Martha to the bone.
97. My charism is service, among other things.
96. I have been married for 25 years this month.
95. I am thankful every day for CAS.
94. I am a goody two shoes—I don’t curse (often), I drink little, I smoke not
at all.
93. I plan on rebelling when I’m retired.
92. If I don’t retire, I plan on being the old lady running the register at
Eckerd's who doesn't know what's on sale.
91. Our retirement plan is apparently based on lottery tickets.
90. I plan on being an embarrassment to my son, but only a mild one.
89. I went to three colleges during my undergraduate years.
88. I went to graduate school.
87. I worked for almost 15 years in a career I hated.
86. It is beyond belief for the people who knew me when I was young that I
became a stay at home mom and homeschooler.
85. Homeschooling fits our family like nothing else. No regrets. None.
84. That said, homeschooling ain’t for everybody, nor is it always easy.
83. I eat when I’m tired.
82. Or sad. Or happy.
81. Now you know why I’m on Weight Watchers.


thanks for sharing your list! isn't it fun?
re: #81-83 i keep it simpler, i only eat when i'm awake.
re: #90 i hope to go all out!

Loved your list! We have so many things in common...
Straight arrow-homeschooling-weightwatcher-24 years married-rebelling when retired-mom...*wink*

I tell my kids I'm gonna get a little Airstream when I am old and visit each of them for three months at a time...

Donna! We tell Zack we're going to park in front of his house when we're old, and run the electrical cord inside from our trailer so we can sit in the driveway and watch TV!

he he he....
Our poor kids :o)



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