100 tidbits, part two

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79. i'm grateful for women like MamaT and SpecialK because they've allowed me to enjoy women again.
78. i'm not as kinky as i sound.
77. i don't like urban music.
76. actually, i don't think i like urban anything.
75. i'm an elitist, in the purist sense of the word.
74. i'm also a purist. only, not when it comes to language. i haven't figured out why, yet.
73. i'm practically a monarchist.
72. labels don't bother me. i find them quite useful.
71. i can curse like a sailor, but i'm working to stop that.
70. i smoked for eighteen years. mmmm-menthol.
69. i was a protestant for twenty-five.
68. the Holy Spirit delivered me from both.
67. my favorite color is buttercup.
66. i really enjoy movies, especially the old ones.
65. independent films are my fave.
64. I think jim caviezel is Momma Mary’s gift to women.
63. i know mel gibson is God's gift to the movie industry.
62. i don't trust people who take themselves too seriously.
61. i believe in hell.
60. i think it's full of abortionists.


I can understand most of your tidbits, and I especially agree with 60 & 61. Let's keep praying for the end of such barbarism.



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