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PRAYER BOOK ALMOST READY (elcaminoreal.blog-city.com)

Jeff Culbreath is printing a small prayer book for families to use, in beautiful, orthodox, traditional language. It's a virtual steal, at $3 per copy.

Prayers are taken from the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, the Anglican use Book of Divine Worship, and the St. Augustine prayer book. Sounds like a winner. You KNEW the Mamas had to be partial to it, since they attend an Anglican Use parish!

Go over to El Camino Real, and support Jeff's worthy endeavor. I ordered 10 copies this morning, some to give away, some to keep.


nya nya nya - mine arrived today! and they are beautiful. I may give some as sacrament gifts.

Thank you, ladies. (And thank you MamaT for the order!) I hope you'll get lots of use from them.

No doubt we should be giving our tithe (2.4 hours) of prayer every day, but for my part the Morning Office, the Rosary, and the Evening Office (about 1 hour) seems much more realistic.

Hey thanks for the heads up on this, Terry. I ordered a copy for me & one for my parents. I need to get a check ready to send out in the mail today :)



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