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1) I prefer black ink to blue
2) I have ruined many a good eyeliner or lipstick when I have neither on hand.
3) My computer has a virus (I think) and I am on my son's lil' laptop.
4) I had him when I was 19.
5) Which is why I would never recommend getting your world view from the tube.
6) I was a bartender for many years and can still make the best Margarita in town.
7) My interest in video games waned when Mario became 3-D
8) I always wanted to travel in an Airstream with my Boxer.
9) The Boxer was a dog...not an athlete.
10) I am developing a friendship with a Jehovah's Witness who came to my door.
11)She knows more about the Bible than I do and I was a Protestant!
12) I don't mind waiting.


You're a better person than I, SpecK.

I had one come by when I lived on Edgewood. Nice girl. I talked with her for a while, and then sent her packing.

She came back a week later with Catholic Expert - Level 1. Nice guy. We sparred rather enjoyably on the front porch for about an hour, and he left.

Then I got a visit from Catholic Expert- Level 2. He was not so nice. But we did spar rather enjoyably for at least 2 hours. It was a fun afternoon of hot words. He was unable to understand how Pius XII's blessing of the Italian guns before the invasion of Ethopia didn't have me screaming to be admitted to the kingdom hall. I countered with the various indiscretions and questionable cardinal-raisings of the Borgia-era Popes. If that didn't run me off, why would a little gun blessing? He gave up and left.

The capper, of course, is that my wife is in the living room through each of these encounters, holding Mac and pregnant with Auggie, silently praying that I would just tell them to leave and come in and do my husbandly duties.

No such prudence from me when there are hot theological arguments to be made!

Hey, why not bless the Italian troops? My family members were among them! Admitedly, the conquest of Abyssinia was not our finest hour, but Mussolini could have done a lot worse in the world (for instance, just about everything he did when he decided that Hitler wasn't so bad after all).

Trust me, your JW friend does NOT know more about the bible than you do. They use a translation that is specific to them which manipulates certain words to support the various falsehoods that they preach.

Please, be careful.





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