MamaT's 2nd set of trivial bits

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80. I drive a green VW bug with blue racing stripes. Itís my mid-life crisis. Beep beep!
79. My favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird.
78. My favorite movie is "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". Or maybe "The Jerk".
77. I can quote most of the above.
76. In college, my best friend and I did the ďDead ParrotĒ skit for a talent show.
75. We didnít win. I canít imagine why.
74. I think most people think I am snobbish.
73. Iím not. Iím just mostly an introvert who canít fathom why anyone would want to know me.
72. I donít mind time alone.
71. In fact, I must have it to survive.
70. I LOVE popcorn with butter.
69. I even love popcorn with that fake butter stuff at the movies.
68. I went on pilgrimage to Rome in 2002.
67. My dearest wish is to go again with CAS and Zteen.
66. I love to crochet.
65. I am really good at crocheting.
64. I hope when people unwrap their baby afghans they arenít thinking, ďOh, no, not another cheap homemade present.Ē
63. I am pretty much a yellow dog Republican, if there is such a thing.
62. I bounce between reading First Things, Family Circle and Sports Illustrated.
61. However, I threw away the swimsuit edition of SI when it came in the mail, before Zteen got home


I love your car, anytime I see one on the street I check to see if it's you. I'm always looking for that & for the little gold car S drives. And I LOVE the afghan you crocheted Lochy. It is beautiful. I am horrible at writing thank you notes so I'm sure you never got a thank you in writing so here it is ;) Thanks for that book too! I need to go to the book crossing site & get the number recorded & read the book!

believe me, MamaT, your beautiful afghans are legendary at SMV.


You are freaking me out MamaT!

Love, love, love To Kill a Mockingbird...especially the movie.
My favorite things to say from the movies
"Tis but a scratch."
"These cans are defective."

And popcorn with lots of kids complain that I put on too much butter...what is with that?

I also love the movie Parenthood with Steve Martin, possibly my favorite :o)


And I love Father of the Bride with Steve Martin. Really anything with Steve Martin. I loved Roxanne, loved Parenthood, loved Father of the Bride, adored Bowfinger, even liked Bringing Down the House (I also happen to love Queen Latifah).

do you need to throw up?
okay. bleeeeeeeeeehhhhhh!

OK, am I the only one who doesn't know?

What the heck is the "Dead Parrot" skit? I'm even seeing references to it show up on other blog comments.

I feel a little left out. [sniff]

I realize I should give the link to the post as well as the link to the 'Dead Parrot' comment. It's from M'Lynn on Scattershot Direct.

I saw Steve Martin live at an outdoor arena in Wisconsin in the summer of...let's say...1977...
Well Excuuuuuse Me :o)


Do you remember "Queen of Hearts, come down and dance!"? Then he'd take the card and pretend like it was dancing all around on the stage????

Or wild and crazy guys on SNL, back when SNL was GOOD? Genius, sheer genius.


"Dead parrot" is a Monty Python routine about a guy who bought a parrot in a pet shop that turned out to be dead. I'll see if I can't find a transcript of it and link to it on the blog.

hehe.. My kids can quote the dead parrot skit. In fact, I got sick of hearing it constantly LOL




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