3 comfort foods the crockmomma recommends

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caveat coqae - i only cook comfort foods for finicky eaters, not restricted diets.

chick'n chubby dumplins

4 chicken breasts cut up in small strips or chunks or however you like 'em
2 cans cream o' chicken soup
2 cups water***
1 chicken bouillon cube for kick***
2 packages refrigerated biscuits (or as we say downchere "biskits")
pepper to taste

put everthin, 'cept the biskits o'course, in yer crock-pot. cook it on low for 5-6 hours. about half an hour afor y'all're ready to eat, tear up the biskit dough into chunky pieces (about an inch). stir it into your cooker with the other stuff, cover it up 'n cook on HIGH for 30 minutes or until your biscuits are fluffed up and cooked inside, too. you don't want soggy biscuits, bleck!
*** iffin you aren't worried about a high sodium diet, you can use two cups of chicken broth instead of the water and bouillon.

dern good pork roast
3 lb. pork roast (one that looks good, read plenty of fat left for flavor)
butter flavor Pam
garlic salt
lemon pepper
1/4 stick of butter
1 and 1/2 cups water

sear the dickens outta all sides of the roast in a frying pan covered in butter flavor Pam, garlic salt and lemon pepper. in fact, spray the roast with Pam before rubbing the salt/pepper into it. then, lift the roast outta the pan and put it into your crock-pot. quickly, before the pan cools, pour one cup of the water into the pan so that it sizzles up the natural juices and quickly remove from heat. you don't want the good stuff to evaporate. pour it in with your roast and cook on low for about seven or eight hours. add a little water if you need it. about ten minutes afor y'all're ready to eat, put the butter in with the roast.
this is delicious served with those fat wavy noodles.

fancy italian chicken thing
5 or 6 chicken breasts
1 jar of your favorite spaghetti sauce (the more chunky stuff in the sauce, the fancier it'll look)

dump it all in the slow cooker for about 5 hours. if you want, you can add a bag of shredded parmesan cheese (i think it's two cups) about half an hour afor y'all're ready to eat. serve it with your favorite pasta on the side and it's a fancy italian dish.

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Green Chile Posole from Fructus Ventris on May 6, 2004 7:48 PM

(Requested by mama t) 3 to 4 lbs pork meat with bones (ribs, necks, chops, whatever is plentiful and priced right) season meat with salt, 4 6 cloves garlic, 1-2 chopped onions, etc. Place in roasting pan and cook... Read More


another really good pork roast
pour a jar of salsa over the top of the pig meat, crock on low for at least 12 hours (24 is better), then shred meat and serve as tacos or burritos. You can sear the meat first if you want to, but you don't have to.
I should post my recipe for crockpot posole someday. SHoulda done it yesterday for cinco de mayo except that I was busy at work all day and part of the night.

Post it, Alicia! Yummo!!!!!!!

Our restricted diet has no problem with the latter two recipes. I'd love to try the first but, alas, bread products seem to trigger bouts of depression. Flambeaux's been in a funk every time our meal is weighted too heavily on the carbs.

coming right up!



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