be i never so humble


i'm not a humble person by nature, in fact, i'm mucho prideful. perhaps this is why Our Good Lord has to constantly zap me in the b'doobies to keep me in line. but, even when He has to zap, He is so merciful. to put it mildly, i'm a bad girl and He's a really good Dad.

i was arguing with KM, that's the hub, last week about adversity. i think i'd moved a little too far into my "Jesus is my barbeque homey" mode because i was arguing against adversity coming from God. it went something like this:

SM: (already in nyah-nyah mode) "God is good. He can't cause bad."
KM: (matter-of-factly) "Tell that to Job. And David. And Saul..."
SM: "but God is good."
KM: (sighs) "You're assuming all adversity is bad."
SM: (with bravado) "but this is bad. if God loves us..."
KM: (having had enough of the argument) "this is how God teaches people. we love our children, but we discipline our children. they don't see it as good, but we know it is. God uses adversity to teach His children."

God's timing being what it is, i.e., perfect, Father C told a story today about a sort of "Jesus is my homey" priest who went to a high school and said, "if you want to know about God, forget everything you've ever learned because i can sum everything up in three simple words: God is love." one of the students raised his hand and inquired, "do you mean God is eros, philia, or agape?"

i'd like to blame my charismatic, pre-Catholic roots for my careless tendency to skip, er make that slip into kumbayaya land where Jesus is ultra touchy-feely and we're all free to be you and me, but i'll wager it's just my sinful nature.



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