Now THIS, as Zteen would say....

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..... is a police car!


Leave it to the Italians to have something this cool!


Whoa.....think of the gapers' blocks that would cause! :)

The mafia must love this. The Italian police will never be able to afford maintainence on a beast like this...

The guys that used to work on my car called Ferraris "boomerang" cars; ya fix em and send em out, then they come right back again.

As my 15 year-old cousin likes to say, "Dig it!"

Oh, this makes me so very proud! Now if the California Highway Patrol would follow suit, you would have my two nationalistic chauvinisms taken care of.

this is not a real car.

It's real!

Here's the blurb from Reuters:

Italian police show off their new Lamborghini patrol car during celebrations in Rome, May 14, 2004 to mark the force's 152nd anniversary. If you are thinking about speeding on Italian highways this year, think twice. You might find yourself being chased down by a Lamborghini sports car. Italian police took possession on Friday of a sleek, 500 horsepower, two-seater Lamborghini Gallardo, which can hit a top speed of 300 kmh (185 mph). REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi

Now whether it will break down all the time is problematical, but an Italian policeman in a designer uniform in a Lambo??? Aaaaaahhhhh.



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