I am a serious sucker for any list of books....

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...so of course I was drawn to this column: Mike S. Adams: Summer reading

I think he is exactly right: focus less on current issues and modern "literature", and reorient toward the classics.

So, just for grins, I went out to the Sparknotes site and printed off their list of titles. 159 in all. I have read 68 of them. Actually, I've read more than that, but some of them I read so long ago that I no longer have any useful memory of what they were about. So I didn't count them.

I think I'll pick up a few this weekend at 1/2 Price Books!

But pretty soon, I will have printed out more reading lists than I have books! (And that's a lot.) Maybe I'm a book LIST collector, more than a book collector.


I with you here MamaT...
I have read 52 on the Sparknotes list. Seems I spend more time thinking about what I should be reading than reading lately :o)

so where can one find the sparknotes list?

when're you gonna post YOUR list, mamaT?

Dear Mama T,

I've read 69 of them, but many are plays which I have seen multiple times and which I don't particularly enjoy reading (Shakespeare is the exception). There are some I wouldn't waste my time with on the list having read others by the same author and detecting as I do the taint of multicultural expectations. But overall it is quite a fine list to start with.





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