The McBaby has developed a fascination....

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.....for classic Disney videos. Her favorites at the moment? "Puppies" (101 Dalmations--the animated version, not that weird live action one), "Booty" (Beauty and the Beast), and "No What" (Snow White).

Yesterday I asked her what the Puppies story was. A model of concision:

"Puppies running. Puppies watching TV. Puppies sleeping. Puppies in big truck."

Yep, I'd say that's about it.


We will never forget Emma's way of singing 'Booty and the Geest.'

GK calls it "Momma and Daddy."

Just had to let you know that Zoe still believes her daddy was the model for Aladdin in the Disney's. Who'm I to burst her bubble?

"Puppies?" Amalia calls that one "Doggies." What about Pongo and Perdie and the Colonel?

OK, I admit that I really like that film, mostly for the Kanine Krunchies jingle.

How about Lady and the Tramp? That was a big favorite of mine. Also the Aristocats. I think Beauty and the Beast was the last Disney I truly liked - Pocahantas was abominable.

We like most of the old Disney classics except "101 Dalmatians". That was my feel-better book when I was little - the original, by Dodie Smith - and the world was getting me down. It stands as the first example (in my own experience) of the eternal principle that The Book Is Better.

"Lady and the Tramp" is excellent philosophy as well as a fun picture. It's about responsibility and maturity and trustworthiness, and the way a woman can make a man of a well-meaning but feckless boy by demanding of him respect for her purity, and service to something outside himself. We call it the cartoon version of George Gilder's Men and Marriage.

Aww my boys love those movies, too. And we love Jonah The Veggie Tales Movie. We've been watching the same 4-5 things over & over lately because i've been packing & they've been watching tv (toys are mostly packed up too). Too much Tv. At least in our new house I can let them play outside without being out there with them all the time. I think that'll help (everything faces the back except their rooms!)

Erik -- I like the Kanine Krunchies jingle too.



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