If you sew, crochet, or knit...

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.....and want to help a worthy cause, please consider this:

Threads of Love

They help hospitals provide for preemie babies and their families. They also have a secondary ministry preparing burial gowns and wrappers for infants who die after birth, are stillborn or are miscarried.

There are chapters located around the country. I just contacted our Arlington chapter - they meet just once a month. But you can sew, crochet or knit at home and send them your stuff to be taken to the hospital.

They are multi-denominational--the chapter in my city meets at a Methodist church, but browsing through the listing of chapters, they pretty much run the gamut.

Here's a way to support a very pro-life cause, in a very hands on way.


Thanks Mama T, I will definitely look into this.

Even if you don't have a Threads of Love chapter in your area, Labor & Delivery units at your local hospital would undoubtedly appreciate this ever-so-much! Individual volunteers make us tiny outfits and hats to keep on hand for parents who miscarry or experience a stillbirth. Often the parents want photos of their baby and it is so nice to have tiny clothes to dress them in, and something to give to the parents afterward.

Also, we have volunteers who make us beautiful knit or crocheted hats and booties to give to all of our newborns. The parents love them! :)

Others have donated blankets that they've bought or made, because we do sometimes have parents who come have a baby with literally nothing (no blankets, no clothing) to take their baby home in.

God bless!



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