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this totally coolmoe tee is from
they musta had the summa mamas in mind when they made it, dontcha think? they have Christian and pro-life stuff for Yankees, too, so go buy somethin!



They have some quite "in your face" stuff, don't they? Not that I'm a'gin it. I want the prolife bumper sticker:

PETU: People for the Ethical Treatment of the Unborn

Or the t-shirt: Abortion? WWMD What would Mary do?

i prefer the "abortion sucks" sticker m'self.

ooo! I like.

We in Maryland have the Cross on our flag...twice!

Here is another site that sells some neat stuff:

The "Life is worth holding onto" shirt is, well, you will just have to see it! is run by the same family that MamaT and i have featured their work here before. is also run by catholics. gotta love 'em.



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