Oh, dear, something new to lust after!

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Green shoes were not enough. Now I absolutely want a retro green refrigerator! This would look so absolutely AWESOME in my kitchen. They aren't reconditioned old ones. They are new, and are Energy star certified.

Well, maybe if I win the lottery......


Ah...yes...coveting...I can relate to that one (especially if it is something cool, like a retro fridge...very cool!)

nifty! i saw one for 5K...of course, given my track record in the kitchen, i shouldn't spend more than 5 bucks on any given appliance.

Ah, but does come in that nifty Avacado Green or that awesome Burnt Orange?

Here are all the colors the fridge comes in;

Enjoy....I do love the pink :o)

i like pink, but not for the kitchen -- buttercup or steel grey!



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