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my simple store brand has renamed my absolute favorite flavor of ice cream! when i say favorite, i mean favorite. why, i even listed it as the flavor i would personally like to be. this is serious stuff, people! safeway's select brand "plantation pecan pie" has actually been renamed "sweet savannah pecan pie." what gives?

mebbe i should switch to star spangled ice cream's "prale to the chief" flavor. sounds delish.
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Smock: Probably 'cause nothing good could come from a plantation, doncha think????

I think that plantation has become politically incorrect.

mamaT and alicia: thanky kindly for y'all's input. i betcher right.
safeway: oh, puh-leaz.

Um, I would never buy an ice cream called "Plantation" anything. Yikes, gives me the heebie jeebies.

i don't like people messing with word meaning or bowing to emotionalism; but if the word is that offensive, i see their point.



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