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GK (4yo.) and GR (18mo.) come into the office where smockmomma is listening to bach's toccata & fugue in d minor.
GK: this sounds like barbie.
SM: barbie?
GK: yeah, rapunzel barbie.
SM: hmm. well, this is bach. he's much better than barbie.
GK: but, rapunzel bach sounds much scarier than rapunzel barbie.

and later...
as smockmomma reads aloud the texas ballet theater flier that came in the mail to her hubby.
SM: peer gynt is a larger-than-life hero who makes a riveting journey from innocence to depravity ... he's a womanizer and he doesn't really care about anyone but himself ... hey, baby, that's you.
SH: what?
SM: well, in college. c'mon. you were peer gynt. admit it.
SH: i will not.
SM: listen to this, "peer gynt is not nice; but at the same time, there is something undeniably appealing about him..."
SH: now, that's me.


So, Smockmomma fell for the bad boy. Do women like the badboy just so they can rise to the challenge of trying to tame him?

Yes, of course.

yes, but this sword cuts both ways!

Of course talking about Peer Gynt is a much more enjoyable experience than having to sit through a staging of it (yawn). Even the Oregon Shakespeare Festival could do nothing for that one. It is a good read, though.

LOL! Flambeaux to a T. He even played Peer Gynt in a directing lab scene in college. And Mr. Luse is quite correct about the apeal of the bad boy.



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