sugar 'n spice: the difference 'twixt MamaT and smockmomma

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somebody should figure out how to put this in a quiz...till then:

the difference between MamaT's personality and mine are neatly represented by the bumper stickers on our cars. both are Mother Teresa quotes, but the tone of each is a little diff'ernt. and it's that tone that represents the sugar and spice difference in our personalities.



by the by, both of these bumper stickers are available at, so go getchya one.*

*the summa mamas receive no royalties from the sale of victory won merchandise, we just like their stuff.


Goodness! When I go to work this fall on campus, I know what to bring with me.

If the two of you could be wrapped in one package, a man might find himself in heaven.

mymymymymy. i do believe ima blushin', sir. thank you everso.

And on that note :U.N. Official Admits Legal Abortions Aren't Safe for Women




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