This makes me furious!!!

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Just got this from my TX Right to Life Coalition update:

First, Pro-abortion zealots from the "Left" Coast are after Curves International, because its founder, Gary Heavin, is pro-life. Anti-life feminists are aghast that Gary and his wife have given millions to provide pregnancy assistance and other health care through crisis pregnancy centers. The San Francisco Chronicle Op/Ed piece describes these CPC's as following:

By offering the same health services provided by Planned Parenthood -- except abortion -- anti-abortion activists hope that privately financed alternatives will force the closure of any clinics that don't insist "you must carry your child to term."

Crisis Pregnancy Centers, which as you know are largely staffed with volunteers who earn nothing more than stars in their crowns, do not "insist" women carry their children to term. (Such an odd choice of terms, don't you think?) Rather, they do provide information about the unborn child and free assistance so that every woman has the choice to carry her child to term. This is in stark contrast to Planned Parenthood who offers little else than to kill her child for a fee.

Please take a moment to send Gary a note thanking him and his wife for their extensive support for women and children:

Curves International, 100 Ritchie Road, Waco, TX 76712

Dang! This gets my goat. In general we hear only cheers and cheers for those businesses that support that inviolable "right to choose", but let even ONE company take a different stand and it's all over but the shoutin'. And boy, those volunteers at the Crisis Pregnancy Centers must be Satan incarnate--FORCING women to carry those babies.

What a crock.

Makes me want to join Curves, just to support them.

It reminds me of when Zteen was in the first grade. He attended public school then, and I worked at the school as a volunteer a couple of days a week. One day the teachers were organizing to call out for pizza at lunch. But under no circumstances could the pizza EVER come from Dominos--because Tom Monaghan didn't support "CHOICE." I took my money out of the pool that day and never ate with the teachers again.....


Gary Heavin?
i sent him a note letting him know i think he's swell. thanks for the heads up, mamaT. you're the summa mamas little activist!

That's it... when the baby's born and it's time to fit back in my jeans, I'm joining Curves. We actually have one here in Yellowknife. Take my money, Mr. Heavin!

We order from Domino's on purpose, because of Monaghan's pro-life and Catholic beliefs.

God bless both these men.

My wife goes to Curves, I sent her this story!

I go to Curves, and their Christian worldview was one of the attractants (besides the really good workout in a half-hour). They also are closed on Sundays to give families time to be together and not work on the Lord's Day.

Love that.

Also, guys, patronize Hobby Lobby if you have them in your area. Same attitudes, same Christian worldview.

Someday I'll be thin and every surface in my house will be covered with crafts...

My mom goes to Curves, and after La Lively is born, so will I. Thanks!



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