And finally! The last of MamaT's trivial bits

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And the roar of the crowd is deafening in sheer joy that the exercise is, at last, OVER!!!!!!

20. I am a Flybaby.
19. I have decluttered a gazillion pounds of stuff out of my house. There is still more to go.
18. I have had to teach myself to like any vegetable other than green beans, corn and potatoes.
17. Where I grew up, macaroni and cheese WAS a vegetable.
16. I adore chicken fried steak, cream gravy and mashed potatoes (or fries, in a pinch). I know it’s a heart attack on a plate. That’s why I don’t cook it at home ever or eat it out very often.
15. I usually have 5-6 books “in process” at any one time. Does this mean I have a problem?
14. I do my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. It makes Advent holier for me. It drives most of the people I know insane.
13. I am very insecure about my education. I went to high school in the heat of the “relevancy movement” and got a technical undergraduate and graduate degree. I don’t really know “nothin’ bout nothin’.”
12. That probably surprises people.
11. My father died when I was eleven.
10. My mom remarried when I was a senior in high school—and she picked a winner!
9. I do not think that any years before NOW were the “good old days.” I just don’t believe in the concept.
8. This year is my 30th high school reunion.
7. No, I’m not going.
6. I wish I were holy.
5. I have a weird sense of humor, that Zteen shares. It’s good to laugh until you nearly wet yourself.
4. I’m still working on being regular with my daily prayer.
3. I’m trying to get over being embarrassed when I cry at mass.
2. The 40’s have been the BEST years of my life, and I’m looking FORWARD to the 50’s!
1. Writing this ‘blog with Smock and SpecialK is a trip—ya’ll should be lucky enough to know them in real life!


In response to item #15:
If you have a problem with keeping 5-6 books "in process" then I have a problem too! AS a child, I used to marvel that my mother could have several books going at one time, and she would pick one up to read according to the mood she was in. I thought, "How on earth can she keep track of what's going on in each book?" Well, now I know. I have 3 going on right now and just picked up C.S. Lewis' "Mere Christianity" at Sam's Club last week.

Is there a support group for people like us? ;-)

Considering Theodore Roosevelt read (cover-to-cover) 5+ books a day, I'd say that you are on the road to greatness!


Sorry about losing your father at such a young age.



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