Here's the difference

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.....between MamaT, Smock and SpecialK:

SpecialK is out buying old copies of Mother Earth News so she can plant her organic garden and grow her own vegetables.

MamaT is looking for zucchini bread and tomato sauce recipes (including looking through Martha Stewart magazines), hoping that she will be the beneficiary of SpecialK's overflow.

Smockmomma is watching movies and ignoring the vegetable issue altogether.

Yep, that's us in a nutshell.


I made zucchini bread last week. YUM. I got the recipe at this site, it's not a super healthy recipe but it was sooo good. I actually doubled it because I had (more than enough) zuchhini to do so. It was supposed to be my way of getting the boys to eat some vegetables (Jeric is old enough that he will eat them, but the other two think i'm nuts at the moment, as J used to) but for some reason they didn't enjoy it as much as I did. Mmmmm Anyway, here is the link

dat's raht!

I don't have a special zucchini bread recipe, but I improve mine by doubling, or nearly doubling, the amount of vanilla in the recipe. I did it by accident the first time, and got more compliments.... I pretended I meant to do it, and kept on from there.



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