Can you say "inappropriate"?

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I KNEW you could!


These are the girl toys in the Mickey Dee's Happy Meals for their summer promotion. I know, I know, we should have asked for the toddler toy for the McBaby, but we forgot.

Imagine our surprise when we got what Zteen calls "Hooker Barbie."

And we wonder where little girls get their ideas of "looking like a tramp" = "cool."

I'm too old for this. Obviously.


Are those Bratz or a cheap knock-off?

They're "My Scene" dolls. Which is jut a knock off of the Bratz dolls. I posted about the Bratz dolls months ago, I couldn't believe how trampy they really were. Here's the official site

I'm surprised the dolls don't come with a "keepsake condom" maybe that's next.

Well those little skaters for the boys are cute... LOL. I am glad at times that I have boys.

We call them "My Tart Barbie" at our house. ugh.

Zteen is quite astute.

(Sure makes my circa 1960's Barbie and MIdge look downright priggish.)

I'm so used to the trashy dolls that when I misread a Target ad for Cali Girl Barbie as Call Girl Barbie, I scarcely blinked.

Ellyn! I did the same misread yesterday, and Zteen and I laughed until we cried in the middle of the aisle.



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