I cannot, cannot, cannot stand this!!!!!

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Mattel gearing up to launch Barbie clothing line in 2004 - Jun. 14, 2004

Barbie clothes for grownups. So you can look like the tramp JUST LIKE BARBIE!!! Woo hoo.

I'm off to mourn the obvious death of adulthood....

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Dear Lord, No from De Fidei Oboedientia on June 19, 2004 12:26 AM

Because baby boomers don't have enough opportunities to act like children... Read More


the clothes featured in the article look fun & trendy, but i'll kiss your foot if they come in women's sizes. besides, i think there's something just a little twisted about wearing clothes "made by mattel."

i'd much prefer to have every outfit featured in the stepford wives! three words. fab. you. luss!



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