Thank goodness!

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Two new video titles have made it into rotation for the McBaby. (I'm going to have to start calling her McToddler soon, her 2nd birthday is coming up in July!)

While we are still watching at least 15 minutes of Booty every day, now we are sometimes watching Mahsters (Monsters Inc.) and Kitties (The Aristocats).

I had never seen The Aristocats before I brought it home from Target. Pretty cute--but definitely a lesser movie than Booty or Puppies. Phil Harris is the voice of the Alley Cat, Eva Gabor is the voice of the white pampered kitty the Duchess. It reminds me of a cat version of Lady and the Tramp--with the refined lady winning over the scalawag boy and taming him to domesticity.

Oh, wait. Isn't that the story of LIFE???????


What movie is 'Booty?' It probably stems from working with college students, but when I read "we are still watching at least 15 minutes of Booty every day" I get odd ideas in my head about what you're showing your kid :-)

JohnH: Booty is actually "Beauty and the Beast."

But it does just crack us up that the McBaby calls it that!

I watched Aristocats with my daughter when she was little. I believe the theme song is Maurice Chevalier's last film performance. Eva Gabor also did the female mouse in the two Rescuers movies. I like her better as a cartoon character than I did in live action.



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