Books # 23 and #24 finished!


So, speaking of reading, I finished two more books this week! (Time spent in hospital waiting rooms gives you lots of time to read!)

#23: The Moonstone. What a wonderful book! Loved it, loved it, loved it. Thought the technique of having different characters "write" different parts of the novel was great, and that his portrait via her "own words" of Miss Clack was a masterpiece.

Doesn't surprise me that Collins was a friend of Dickens. I have long been a Dickens fan, now I can be a Wilkie Collins fan as well. I liked The Moonstone so much I went to 1/2 Price Books (sssshhhhh---TSO, don't tell PapaC) to get The Woman in White, which is now in The Stack.

#24: Hamlet's Dresser by Bob Smith. A memoir of a boy whose "life was saved by literature." Bob Smith had a lonely and difficult childhood, with a younger sister who was retarded (and, it appears, had cerebral palsy and autism as well, based on her description in the book). When he was 10, his local librarian handed him a copy of The Merchant of Venice, and he found the passion of his life--and the thread that saved it.

I first read about this book in Deal Hudson's Summer Reading List issue of the Crisis newsletter. He raved about it so, that I picked it off the shelf when I saw it at 1/2 Price Books. Read it. It's worth the time.

I'm also almost 1/2 way through The Scarlet Pimpernel. I haven't done much this weekend except read. It's been lovely. The pile of dishes in my kitchen will make me sad tomorrow morning, but for tonight it's back to the time of the Reign of Terror!



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