To finish up? The confession!

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OK, so I went to 1/2 Price Books, and I hadn't planned to go. But Saturday after Altar Guild, I had to drive to the bank to get money for the lady I help take care of, and I had to drive RIGHT PAST 1/2 Price Books. My car turned in ALL BY ITSELF! I promise!

Don't buy it? Oh, well.

I bought only (only?) four books this time:

Hamlet's Dresser by Bob Smith
The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins
The Red and the Black by Stendahl
Once an Eagle by Anton Myrer

So, the last three get added to The Stack, below The Haj (which I will NEVER have finished before book club on Thursday because I have been busy reading other things!) and below The Scarlet Pimpernel, below Crime and Punishment, which I am determined to finish--GRRRRR, and below The British Museum is Falling Down, which is NEXT month's book club book.

Now that's a pile in danger of flat tipping over.


I've heard a lot about "The British Museum is Falling Down" and I'm very much looking forward to your review. You may cause me to fall (i.e. buy it) if you like it, but no pressure...:)

I read Hamlet's Dresser last winter. It is a sad sort of book.




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