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BBC NEWS | Health | Scanner shows unborn babies smile

The 4D scanner, which produces detailed 3D images that move in real time, has shown that babies start making finger movements at 15 weeks, yawning at 18 weeks and smiling, blinking and crying at 26 weeks.

Pretty good for a "blob of tissue", huh?


i think mothers who are considering abortion should be required to hear a fetal heart monitor and see a sonogram of their unborn child before they are allowed to "choose."


I have a friend who just retired after something like 30 years as a biology professor at the local community college. She has had her share of "liberal academia" views, but the one thing she has never wavered on was abortion.

She has had to be a little careful about how she phrased her support for the pro-life cause, colleges being what they are, but she has responded many times over the years to questions on her position from students. She always said, "You can have an abortion. BUT at least be honest and call it what it is. Have it and say 'I killed my unborn child.' Because that's what you've done." She thought if people had to say "kill" instead of a "sanitary" word like "abortion" they might hesitate.


You know one of the principle reasons that all of this very good, sound, logic fails to penetrate young women's minds when they are making these decisions is that abortion is often a desperate choice. Secondly, most girls and woman receiving abortions are schooled from early on that pro-lifers are against them. With those two things against us . . . well, I think every baby to go to the abortion mill and make it out alive is a sheer miracle.

Please support your local pro-life initiatives with your dollars ad donations for the women and girls who are able to turn away from this frighteningly powerful evil. You know it's just like FFL says: A society whose best solution is abortion is a society who has failed women and children.

I had a post abortive woman in my office the other day. Her story, "I went to the ER and I had an US because I was having pain, and then I decided that I was going to keep the baby. Then I went to court and realized that my boyfriend was crazy so I had the abortion so he wouldn't have any hold over me." She had actually been scheduled to start her prenatal care the day she actually had the abortion. Her personal belief (as stated) is that the baby is better off where it is. Of course, she is now facing a major depression...
I sent her to Project Rachel.
US does not prevent abortion. I wish it did. But most women who have abortions are fully aware that they are killing their baby. They just think that they have no other choice. I ask them why they didn't consider adoption - the usual response is that they couldn't give away the baby after going through pregnancy and birth. I want to say (and have on very rare occasions) something like "You thought it was better to kill your baby than to give it to a family that would love it?" But mostly I just listen, ask questions, and refer to support groups like Project Rachel.



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