style vs. substance

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''I want you to know we think this is a dream ticket...We've got better hair.'' -Senator John Kerry


Hmm... where'd you read/hear that?

I heard that on the news today, I had the TV on all afternoon for some reason (I don't usually do that, at least not on "grown-up" stations). Made me laugh.

they REALLY said that????

The problem is..........they're not running for office in The Hair Club for Men. :)

I watched some of the speaches on C-Span and Kerry did, indeed, deliver the "better hair" line. I got the feeling he was both making a joke and poking Replublicans in the eye with the line as well as trying to show confidence through self-deprecating humor. It rang hollow for me, but then I remember Bush made a joke about weapons of mass distruction that rang offensively hollow to the Democrats awhile back.

Good One Ellen!

And this is their solution to the war in Iraq . . . wait til we hear the wind up for rising heath care costs!



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