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.....Calendar Girls on video. What a charming movie! It was just what I needed tonight. No big issues, just a sweet and lovely confection to take your mind away for a little while.

If you must have issues, depth and suspense, this one isn't for you. But it's not a total airheaded chick flick--PapaC even admitted that he enjoyed it.

We'll save Mystic River and Monster for a day when I have a sunnier outlook to begin with. Otherwise things could get ugly around here.


I don't know much about Mystic River, but having worked in a video store and hearing the scoop about Monster, I feel that I really need to warn you about something. I'm sure you won't be letting any younger viewers watch it with you, because I'm sure you and PapaC are very careful about that, but to warn you for your own sakes...

There is, I've heard, a very graphic rape scene in the movie. I don't want to elaborate, but it's sufficient to say that it's not for the faint of heart. This I heard from my former employer, the manager at the video store I worked at, who is not squeamish but who refused to recommend the movie to anyone on the grounds that the scene in question was entirely too graphic.

If you guys still decide to watch it, more power to you... I just thought you might want to know.

Well *I* certainly won't watch Monster. I loved calender girls though. My sister and I went to see it at the theater. You know what else I liked? Love, Actually. I have asked for it on DVD for my birthday, we'll see if anyone actually buys it for me. If not I'll probably just go get it for myself. haha.

Nathan, thanks for the heads up on that.

I knew the basic subject matter (having read a true-life crime book about Wournos). We don't have any young-uns around on the weekends (Zteen is 18), but there are images I don't want to put into my *own* head. I'll rethink the movie. I might still see it, but fast forward through that scene.

Mostly I wanted to see Theron's oscar winning acting turn. But maybe I should pass on it.....

i've seen monster and mystic river. both had incredible acting. mystic river is extremely poignant and i plan to review it eventually for popcorn critics. monster hits harder'n hell and i strongly advise you watch it on dvd so you can skip at least two entire scenes.

Oooh... I saw Monster and I wanted to leave about 20 minutes into it. By the end of the film I was sick to my stomach. I definitely wasn't a fan.



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