A sign of the Apocalypse

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And I'm not kidding.

The commercials for this are telling: People poking food in their faces while watching like zombies.

Zteen and I thought it was a joke commercial the first time we saw it. It was only when there was no laugh track at the end that we realized it was REAL!


oh honey, where have you been? for months now the gamers have been advertizing their new online gaming with ads that boldly read: KISS YOUR LOVED ONES GOODBYE, implying once you start playing you'll ignore everyone in your family. how's that for pathetic?

Isn't that just too, too ........well, words escape me. One family member, trying to calm me down the first time I saw this fridge from hell advertised, remarked that it would be great for watching cooking shows. Yeah, right. Well, luckily for us, we bought a new fridge last year and so we won't even have to discuss the issue. Not that any member of my family couldn't figure out that the only way you could watch TV on our fridge door would be with one's derriere planted on the stove top. :) (In this case we're blessed to have a very small kitchen) Hey, if we made that our only television, it would cut down on everyone's viewing time.

Princess Princess and I saw this very refrigerator at Best Buy. And we are aghast that such a item could be imagined.



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