Time for the Summas to roll out....

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.....their In Defense of Men banner and charge into battle. This time with CVS drug stores. The first time I saw the commercial I thought surely it would be pulled soon, but it has not been. I saw it again this week.

Here's the story on the commercial: You see a woman taking pictures of herself, then having them developed at the CVS photo lab.

Cut to the next scene. Husband opens refrigerator, only to find that every single item of food has a picture on it. And not just any pictures: pictures of pigs, of her shaking her finger at him, of her with her cheeks puffed out.

Now, I ask you to think. What would have been the response had the roles been reversed? What if it had been the HUSBAND leaving "you're too fat" notes on the food to his WIFE????

We know the answer to that.

It's just another example of media infantilization of the American male. Sigh.

I'm off to write an email to CVS. I'll let you know if I get a response.


I agree wholeheartedly. Where can I send my letter?

post a contact, mamaT, and we'll all hop on your soapbox.

Um, well, I tell my husband that any opportunity that an advertiser gets to tell the American audience that our men our: dumb, lazy, selfish, and above all not kings of their castles then they will do it, but they are really just following the lead of what I believe was the most man damn commercial of all time: Bob Dole for Viagra. Here's a gentleman, who is a man's man, a war hero, and a statesman. An icon of sorts of the "Greatest Generation". And what did he do? Announce that his virilty was questionable. Now how many of these drugs and commercials do we see? And twice no less at a time! Once men became comfortable with being thought of as immasculated, then the rest is only following it through to its logical end.



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