dear God,

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we need our mr. luse & co. please keep them all safe under Your wing. we love 'em. amen.


Amen! I know they're probably not reading this, being busy with preparations and all, but here at MamaT's house, we've been praying over every newspaper report and radio news spot.

If you ever read this, guys, know that someone is holding you up in prayer!

I am reading it. I'm using the computer as a pacifier until we lose power. It's like the hurricane from hell. Just keeps hanging around. Don't let up with those prayers. Try to suck it dry. Looks like we could be stuck in our house for 2-3 days with nowhere to go. 20 inches of rain forecast. I guess it's not much though compared to that story referred to by Kirsten below.

P.S. I'd rather be in a classroom facing Micki across the desk than dealing with this thing.

you, sir, make me laugh out loud.

my favorite great aunt lives in florida -- her greatest fear at this point is the looters.

we are keeping up the prayers for you all.



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