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Interesting note from Deal Hudson's weekly letter about a second Catholic movie that is available now:

And because you know how much I love Catholic films, I can't pass up
the opportunity to let you know about another movie release you'll
want in your collection... to my mind, it's one of the greatest
Catholic films of all time.

I'm referring to Criterion's recently re-released Diary of a Country
Priest, a 1950s adaptation of George Bernanos's novel of the same
name. If you're not familiar with the film, it tells the story of a
small-town French priest, a man who struggles with his own doubts and
inability to leave any lasting impact on the town in which he lives.
It's a masterpiece, a film that manages to create a spiritual impact
that I've only ever seen equaled in Dreyer's The Passion of Joan of
Arc and, more recently, Gibson's own Passion.

Unfortunately, this gem of a movie didn't age well, and all the
versions I had seen until now showed the effects of time in both the
picture and sound quality. But thanks to Criterion's digitally
remastered version, the stark black-and-white visuals have been
returned to their original stunning beauty, and the sound itself is
much improved.

We read the book in book club a couple of years ago, and I absolutely loved it. One of the members referred to a movie version of it--but we could never find it to buy or rent. Now maybe we can!


I want to see that too but got sticker-shocked. The DVD is like $30 on Amazon! Ouch. I guess I could try to find it somewhere and rent it.



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