He did it? How'd he do that?

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Mr. Luse is the 2000th commenter on the Summa Mama 'blog! Congratulations, sir. Your prize will be in the mail. Or something. ;-)

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It's the Summa Mama's first bloggiversary! Congratulations! And dear Mr Luse was the one who tipped their odometer over by making comment #2000. I bet he is just going to be impossible to live with now.... Read More


oooOOOooo! congrats to our precious mr. luse. you're too coolmoe for words, sir.

I want something :(

Yes I am. Look at Mr. Franklin being eaten up by the green monster. What's my prize? My very own Summa Mama? In person, I mean, not on a T-shirt.

Mr. Luse!

I hardly think that your very own dear wife would much appreciate the arrival of an "in person" Summa Mama.

Besides. How would we know which one to send?????

i say we send him an old fashioned TEXAS booby prize!

If you can't decide, send all three.



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