Oh, my!

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The BlogBirthday Party appears to have gotten, well, let's just say a little "out of hand."

Happy Blogbirthday to us. Happy Blogbirthday to us. Happy Blogbirthday Summa Mamas. Happy Blogbirthday to us!

Open the virtual champagne. Year Two begins today!

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It's the Summa Mama's first bloggiversary! Congratulations! And dear Mr Luse was the one who tipped their odometer over by making comment #2000. I bet he is just going to be impossible to live with now.... Read More


Yay! I'm first! Happy Blogbirthday, Summas!

Happy, happy day!
I love it here :o)


Happy Blogoversary!

You three are the most fun. Keep blogging, and have a happy blog birthday (did you make a cake? or at least a pie)

Glad I didn't miss the party! Happy Birthday and keep on Bloggin' ladies!

Congratulations and it looks like those young bloggers need som PJs.

I'm glad I got to meet you. Stick around a while.

Happy Blogoversary!!

Happy Blogoversary, my first was today too. Its a great thing and I love doing it.

Happy second birthday!

Here's to many more!



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