I love Sports Illustrated....

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.....well, everything except the swimsuit edition, which I consign to the bottom of the trash bin the moment it arrives. I even immediately bag the trash and take it out, because I think it is THAT awful.


The rest of the 51 weeks of the year, I thoroughly enjoy the magazine. I think it has showcased some of the best writing of ANY kind ANYwhere.

The latest issue marks SI's 50th anniversary. While reading through an article called "Playing With the Prose: A quick trip through some of the best writing from 50 years of SI--in 60 words or less" I came across two gems:

The first is by Thomas McGuane, from an article titled "Making the Cut" which ran in February 25, 1991:

Texas is . . . a place where Birkenstocks, oat bran, foreign films and Saabs spontaneously catch fire and then smolder grimly in an alien climate.

Yep, that's the Texas I know. Things have changed a LOT over the past 20 years, but the Texas I grew up in was the Texas where macaroni and cheese is a vegetable, and fiber is something you make ropes out of.

But the very best excerpt comes from Jeff MacGregor, in an article titled "Snakes Alive!" that ran July 27, 1998:

Everybody tells you rattlesnake meat tastes just like chicken. Maybe, but only if the chicken in question had a neck tattoo, took hostages and died in a police shootout.

Bwaaa haaaa haaaaa haaaa! Having attended the Sweetwater (Texas, of course) Rattlesnake Roundup, and having actually eaten rattlesnake on a stick, I agree!


let's face it, TEXAS is the BEST! yeeHAW!

My mommy was born in Childress TX, my brother was born in Wichita Falls. I love my deer leather pointy toe cowboy boots and my Birkenstocks! does that make me a half-shod texan?

Well, Alicia, 'round here they might say that made you a "half something else nice ladies don't say" Texan, but *I* say Texan is a state of mind. If you wanna be it, BE IT! Yeee Haawww!

I'm not sure what that means for you. I do know they kicked my family out of Louisiana because my sister and I didn't eat grits!! However, I do believe MamaT is right, "Texas is a state of mind."

laura! you don't like grits? what's wrong with you, gal? shame!



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