May I please ask for some prayers?

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.....on behalf of Smockmomma's sister, Charlene. She is a four year survivor of breast cancer, but recently had to have knee surgery. She is not healing the way she should from her surgery. As a result, they fear that her cancer may have returned, this time as bone cancer. They have run tests, but the results will not be in until Monday of next week.

Needless to say, Charlene could use all the prayers she can get--and I know all of you are praying folks. So please mobilize and pray for a good outcome for Charlene. And if the outcome cannot be what *we* would consider good, then pray that she, and her family, will be able to withstand the coming trials with grace, courage and faith.


Prayers absolutely. My Mom is both a cancer survivor and recently operated upon for knee surgery. The *recovery* has been incredibly long and painful and excaberated by my dad falling and breaking his foot. :-(

Knee surgery is enough of a Mt. Everest without anything else making it worse...or indicating something worse.

thank you, mamaT.
and you, too, ms. julie.

absolutley - will add it to my prayers for my grandmamma - also a breast cancer survivor (40 years now post op) who is currently battling other issues.
My long flight home tomorrow should give me some prime praying time.

thank you fair alicia. as always, your sincere charity is a blessing.

She has our family's prayers at the Eucharistic Chapel tomorrow and at Mass Sunday.


Will be praying....

Praying here too!

may Our Lord bless you all.

My former sister-in-law just had a double mastectomy. I'll add Charlene to my list.

thank you, alexa.



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