Want to read something absolutely chilling?

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An article about the rise of the female terrorist. Here's just a little something to make your blood run cold:

"We stand shoulder to shoulder with our men, supporting them, helping them, and backing them up. We educate their sons and we prepare ourselves. May Allah know of the honesty of our intentions and of our good deeds, and [may He] choose us and make us Shahids for His sake, as we charge forward and do not retreat and as Allah is pleased with us.

"We will stand covered by our veils and wrapped in our robes, weapons in hand, our children in our laps, with the Koran and the Sunna of the Prophet of Allah directing and guiding us. The blood of our husbands and the body parts of our children are the sacrifice by means of which we draw closer to Allah, so that through us, Allah will cause the Shahada for His sake to succeed.

I've never bought into the "women are kinder and gentler" theory. The meanest people I ever worked for were uniformly women. When I read articles that have that old cant "if women just ran the world there'd be universal peace and harmony" it makes me gag. We have, for too long, assumed that any woman involved in terroristic activities was "forced into it" by a husband or boyfriend. Oh, please. Certainly it has been the case at times. But not uniformly and certainly not going forward from here.


Very, very sad. It is true that women can be some of the meanest people on the planet.

decency laws make it impossible for me to candidly express myself concerning this subject.

Absolutely Mama T.

Patricia Pearson wrote a book a while back that upset a few applecarts on this subject. It is titled "When She Was Bad: Violent Women & the Myth of Innocence." Not a pretty read.




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