Oh, I hope this is true!

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CBS News | Fat Can Be - Stem Cell Source! | October 2, 2004 15:00:33

Wouldn't it just be GREAT if this panned out???? Imagine--we've got all the raw materials we would ever need!


I'll be a donor!....I could save the world. Well, North America at least. I've lost a little weight. :)

I will generously donate my entire beer belly to help my fellow man.

I knew all the Ding Dongs I've eaten would some day be of service to mankind!


What is amazing to me is that this is not more widely known - I have been aware of that factoid for at least a couple of years.
What is scary to me is that stem cell research has become synonymous with embryonic research, in the minds of the general public.
I feel a blog post coming on - maybe I should go lie down till the spell passes........

"Allll we are saaay-ing...
...is give Ho-Hos a chance!"



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