Help! We've been invaded!

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Oh, my. Although I think there is something slightly creepy about them, we've been invaded by Wiggle-itis at our home. The McKid watches her Wiggles tape (purchased for $5 at 1/2 Price Books) EVERY DAY. To keep my sanity, I purchased another one (with different songs) at Target the other night.

She dances, she sings, she jumps up and down.

I suppose they are less grating than Barney. I seem to take them better.

But when Zteen was a little Zkid, he listened to Raffi--which, at least in my memory, seemed more complex than "Can you point your fingers and do the twist". But maybe that isn't true. But I really do remember the songs actually being longer than 30-45 seconds each. The Wiggles can be quite catchy--ear-wormy, if you will admit. I admit that I catch myself humming "Cold Spaghetti" at different moments during the day. But I can't fathom how they can become famous for songs like "Rollin' Down a Sandhill."

Perhaps it's jealousy on my part--that I'm not making millions of dollars for dancing around lip-syncing songs. I've always thought that was my calling!!!!!


Love Raffi!
Tingalayo, come little donkey come...

Raffi has the best children's Christmas tape.

We also liked Tom Chapin :o)

Don't you just love the way they say "Mashed Banana" "Moshed Banona" "Moshed Banona"

Their songs are catchy, there's no denying it. What is it with children's entertainers and dinosaurs? I cannot tolerate Barney and then the Wiggles have their Dorothy who is only slightly less irritating than her purple predecessor.

We love the Wiggles. Go see them live for a real treat. Forget James Brown: those guys are the hardest working men in show business. Especially Capt. Feathersword, who is really quite funny live.

Dear MamaT,

The wiggles do have Dorothy, but they have the incredibly good taste to have Henry the Octopus (who seems to be somewhat handicapped in the arm department) and Captain Feathersword, from whom my son learned that there is an "off" button--something we took great advantage of from time to time.

Leaven it all out with Bible Songs and Silly Songs of Larry the Cucumber and you'll find it a heady mix. (O Where is my hairbrush and Barbara Manatee being among my favorites--although there's one about a cheeseburger that I find quite appealing as well.



We love the wiggles! Loch is into blues clues like mad now too. And I don't mind Barney either. Someone needs my help getting dressed ; )

Heh. Wait until the McKid starts talking with an Australian accent. It happens..... ;)

bring back the banonnas in pajommas!

Did you know that they began as a Christian ministry in Australia?

Three cheers for the Wiggles! They occasionally rival the Beatles in melodic and harmonic creativity. Anthony (blue Wiggle) is Catholic, I dunno about the rest. And our kids often try on their Australian accents, too.

I LOVE the Wiggles, as does my 4-year-old. She has a crush on Jeff, I have one on Anthony. My husband now loves them too. We bought their Christmas video, and lo and behold, it is really, really about Christmas, not just Happy Whatever Holiday You Find Least Objectionable in December. I mean, they wrote a song about the Holy Family that my daughter runs around the house humming (okay, so it's a bit more mundane than Gloria in Excelsis Deo, but she can hum that one too, if you must know.) They even have a Nativity Play with little children playing Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, wise men, etc. And Anthony says, "You can do a Nativity Play at home too!" So, of course darling daughter runs to put a towel on her head and hold a baby doll in her arms, with the sweetest, most angelic expression. (Yes, it is almost February, and we haven't put the video away yet.) Anyway, you have to love those Wiggles!



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