The thing about cooking all day....

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womancooking.jpg that it makes my feet hurt! Even wearing my good tennis shoes. I've been a dervish in the kitchen this morning. (And PapaC has helped, thank goodness!)

So far I've made 3 recipes of sausage balls (1/2 for tomorrow's breakfast, 1/2 to take to the reception we have after midnight mass), 1 recipe of baked ziti, 1 recipe of monkey bread (to go with the sausage balls for tomorrow's breakfast), 1 pan of brownies, 1 pan of pecan bars (which I think are a little overdone), and a pot of pepperoni torttolini (sp?) soup.

Still to come, starting the chicken parmigiana, so that tomorrow I can just make sauce and bake. If I have time I make make a recipe of shortbread--but that is looking iffy. PapaC is busy washing dishes so we can even THINK about the next round.

I'll make more cookies next week--we really celebrate the 12 days of Christmas around here. I'll make my very favorite cookie recipe for New Year's Eve. Mmmmmmmm.

But my feet hurt!!!!!!!!!


mmm. sausage balls.

I was gonna say that.

Oh my...we are sole mates today :o)

I just sat down after a very busy day of preparations. It is quiet now...
I have yet to wrap gifts and stuff the stocking...miles to go before I sleep...

Have a very blessed Christmas!

Love to all,

sausage ball recipe, please. best thing i had last night. is it the easy sausage bisquick & cheese recipe? (speaking of, last night i was so out of it i was tleling my sister "mmm i bet this is just chocolate cheese and bisquick" didn't notice what i said until she started laughing at me).

My feet still hurt. I was so busy in the kitchen that I haven't hit the blogs till now. just kissed my eldest daughter good bye at the airport....



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