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something that rubs salt on the wounds of the whole laci and conner peterson tragedy is that laci's little boy is called "the fetus" - "the fetus" - "the fetus" by the press over and over and over. their blatant disregard for the fact that this baby has a name is repulsive and their overuse of the term just solidifies their stance beyond a shadow of a doubt.

"She said her thoughts were with Laci Peterson and the fetus she carried."

"...they couldn't let go of the fact that the bodies of Laci Peterson and her fetus had washed ashore..."

"...and one count of second-degree murder for the killing of her eight-month old fetus."

even now, after peterson's sentencing, "laci and her fetus are mourned."

calling connor "the fetus" is so sterile, has such a hollow ring to it. i've even met pro abortioners who maintain that abortion is morally wrong once a child is viable outside the womb -- which a baby in it's eighth month in utero very likely is.

of course, there are some news sources that refer to conner as laci's "unborn son" which is heartening. my embryo and i thank them.


You know, I am heartened to know that despite the references to Connor as "the fetus", Scott Peterson was convicted on two counts of MURDER. I think that says everything.

I actually prefer that Conner be referred to as a fetus. It gives me hope that, somewhere out there, someone who is "pro-choice" is going to connect that we are using the same word to describe two different actions. Maybe that person will say, "Hmmm....why is it ok to kill the one fetus but not the other?"

Just about everyone knows how awful it is for someone to kill a baby. But what's the big deal about killing a fetus? Up till now, nothing...it's just a woman's right. So, maybe, someone, somewhere will see the light.


we can only pray, sandy.



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