yes, Christmas is a religious thing

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is it wrong that i'm starting to despise the term "happy holidays?"

why are all of these people trying to pretend that Christmas has nothing to do with Christ? even my own mother, after asking why we keep our tree up until Epiphany, said "oh, it's a religious thing."

of course, on the flip side i get it from radical acquaintances who refuse to recognize december 25th as the birthday of Christ or those who think i'm slightly pagan for putting up a tree at all.



Christmas is a religious thing??????

I thought it was all about giant blow up Homer Simpson Santa Clauses and sales at Foleys.

Silly me.


I find myself just saying, "Merry Christmas to you, too." At least we're all being courteous, which is rare enough these days.

Happy Holidays is so generic and dismissive of the meaning of any holiday. And couldn't we also say it June through September, to cover Flag Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Bastille Day, Labor Day? What the heck - there are always holidays... :)

As jerry falwell likes to say: Jesus is the REASON for the season.



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