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you would think i should know every trick in the book to combat morning sickness by my sixth pregnancy, but i don't. this is the worst time i've had of freak-out hormones since my second pregnancy -- first birth -- with my son, duncan. of course, this pukiness has everyone in the house giddy with excitement that this may mean another boy since the last three pregnancies (all girls) had slight morning sickness which was simply that, morning sickness. not since my pregnancy for duncan nine years ago have i suffered with morning sickness like this -- all day sickness accompanied by general lethargy. and i'm only nine weeks into this, folks. any suggestions that do not include crackers, ginger or drugs?


Morning sickness? Try Sea Band motion sickness bands. Yes, I'm serious.

Instant mashed potatoes work sometimes.

Sour stuff?
Various bouts have been helped by Lime-Ade, apricot sparkle candies, lemonade (with potato chips on the side - salt seemed helpful, too). With one pregnancy I found that cherry lifesavers helped me stay on my feet enough to get the kids off to school, lead my weekly Brownie meeting etc. The trick is to find the all cherry packs.

I also found drinking warm Jell-o to be helpful. My very natural and healthfood dedicated doctor even said, "Whatever works."

It's good to see I'm not the only one -- instant mashed potatoes were the only thing I ate for a month with my son! I also liked sour fruits preggie pops, but they can be expensive and hard to find.

Holy Cow Smockmomma, congratulations on your pregnancy! Wish I had better advice, but other than a lot of sleeping, I don't!

I've just remembered, Granny Smith apples also work for some women. They're just slightly sour, and if they don't work, at least they're good for you.

For me, it had to be bland stuff.

Of the things that most often triggered my all day sickness bad breath (my own) and acid reflux seemed to be the most common causes. You may or may not be aware of the latter, but I found that eating 5 small meals typically was a good combatant, espeially if they contained protein NOT fruit. The acid in the fruit was instant upchuck. So I had a boiled egg and oatmeal every morning for a while, when I couldn't tolerate that hot dogs and my last resort was peanut butter.

Protein almost always solved it for me. Beyond that Maganesium suppliments (like that which is in Citracal Plus) supposedly has benefits, but you have to eat with that or you puke. Try eating a bunch of little meals whether you feel hungry or not and see if that helps . . . I tried to put no more than 3 hours between me and my last meal . . . also I only gained 20-30 lbs a pregnancy so don't worry about overdoing it on that side of things.

My friend Debbie swore by potato chips. No kidding! ;)


A book - "No More Morning Sickness" by MIriam Erickson.
Sour Candies
lemonade and potato chips
gingersnap cookies (I know you said no ginger but I dont' like ginger but the cookies were OK)]
eat at least 3 bites of something every two hours - if your blood sugar drops you go from hungry to sick in 5 minutes or less. Carry food with you (Peanuts, pretzels, cheese sticks, trail mix)
the moment you feel full, stop eating! even if the fork is on it's way to the mouth.
carry something that smells good to you and sniff it when the nausea hits - a fresh lemon, a peppermint stick, whatever
those french candies that have rose or lavendar sugar surrounding an aniseed were invaluable to me
my mom sucked on Tums through 6 pregnancies for the nausea in the first 15 weeks and the heartburn in the balance - but only the peppermint ones worked for me.
electrolyte drinks like gatorade or recharge can be helpful too
If you go 24 hourse with out keeping anything down, call your doc or midwife - you may need an IV to get your electrolytes in balance ot prevent further vomiting
send me an email if you need more suggestions.

CCL publishes a helpful booklet called Managing Morning Sickness. It emphasizes the need to keep your blood sugar steady. Every time you eat, put protein first, complex carbs second, and have a little fat too. Avoid refined carbs, esp. sugars. Crackers only work for about 20 minutes and then you feel worse, because they're so easily digested.

Keep in mind that unrelated things, like stress or fatigue or being too hot/cold, may make nausea worse. It's a lousy time of year for stress reduction, but you can give it a whirl. Shop online. Bake next year. For this year, kick back on the couch with a slow-cooker full of meatballs nearby. Fish them out with a toothpick at regular intervals.

Eat protein before you go to bed so you'll sleep better. Eat protein in the night if you wake up to use the bathroom. Send someone else to the grocery store -- too many nausea triggers there.

Remember it's temporary! Take care.

OH i hope its a boy, we could use another boy-playmate round church. ;) Uhm. Lemon. That is my only advice. Actually thats not even advice b/c I haven't ever gotten bad morning sickness like that so I don[t know what to do (so if I do next time, we will assume its a girl hehe)

Might I suggest, childbirth? ;-)

I can't add to the other suggestions other than eat and drink what and when you can (whatever food sounds appetizing).

Having been to the doctor's office for a third trimester appt. after Thanksgiving (at which I had a normal-sized meal!) and seeing a weight gain that I didn't anticipate, the nurse responded to my dismay saying that the solution was childbirth. Hence my initial silly response. :-D

Continuing to pray for you and your littlest one.

Lemons! I think I ate lemon everything when I was pregnant with Boo. Even bought four containers of lemon sorbet one night after a disastrous bowl of broccoli cheese soup.
The only other thing that helped was the effectively low-carb diet I ended up on once I realized that breads and sweets were making me sick. Suffice it to say that saltines had the opposite of their intended effect. I have since discovered that my body seems to respond best to a relatively low-carb, high-protein diet so my pregnant body was just telling me what my best diet ought to be.

I've been through two if these deadly morning sick pregnancies. What worked for me:

Nuts, especially almonds and cashews, as soon as I woke up;
Lemonade and limeade;
gelato, especially non-dairy srawberry;
chocolate milk, when the ill feeling was caused by hunger;
lots and lots of sleep;
fresh air.
Good luck! And God Bless your growing family.

I'd try linseed oil.

Alicia wrote: "carry something that smells good to you and sniff it when the nausea hits - a fresh lemon, a peppermint stick, whatever"

I just had this vague memory of being sickened by the overly-sweet smell of the vanilla stuff I was using to wash my hands, and then getting into the habit of sniffing my hands after switching to something with a different scent to make even thoughts of the vanilla stuff go away. I don't know if that makes me really freakish, or do all pregnant women do things like that. I was definitely not one for healthy, non-acidic sweet stuff during that last pregnancy. After forcing down some baked sweet potato for the great nutritional value, for months thoughts of sweet potatoes were enough to bring about nausea.



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