Just a little advice, men:

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From a friend of mine:

Trouble in marriage often starts when a man gets so busy earnin' his salt, that he forgets his sugar.

Think about it!


Sage advice.

It triggered a first response that ran "set aside your demands and stand by your man".

On serious consideration it came to mind that it is so easy for most of us guys (and more than a few women) to worry about the salt because it is "doing something" or something that we can "accomplish". Paying attention to "sugar" usually involves feelings or emotions. Until we (most guys) are willing to be taught, we all too often have an understanding of feelings limited to "good and "bad". We can be trained to understand and acknowledge the deep range of our own feeings and those of others.

There is another step that needs taken after the attention is back on "sugar" where it belongs. "Drop it!" Set it aside. Forgive. (Forget is a lot harder) Seven times seventy times forgive. It will happen again. After all, we are imperfect persons. With grace and prayer it will happen less and less.

Finally, "Sugar" should maybe consider what "salt" they are focused on.

Always praise the positive change. We are in a society where the multitude of daily cases of "got it right" are negated by the one "got it wrong" that "proves the rule". It is much easier to "catch" the error than accept the habits of a good response.

I will struggle to be perfect in this world but I don't expect to get there.

A few thoughts after over thirty years of "working things out" with my own "Sugar".

Great reminders MamaT. I think one way for we guys to look at giving flowers it that it's not so much for our wives - although it obviously is - but also for us, a way to force us to remember who our "sugar" is and that we are to love our wives as Christ loved the Church.



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