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... from John O'Sullivan of National Review: John O'Sullivan on 2004 on National Review Online

Love these first paragraphs also:

People say that life is the thing," said Logan Pearsall Smith, "but I prefer reading." According to a recent biography, Cary Grant felt much the same. That witty sophisticate looked forward to an old age spent reading in bed.

Neither man was a mere couch potato. Reading is a way of getting around the world and through time. If we only live, we know one life; if we read, we know innumerable lives in our own times and in several past periods. So get up and read.

An old age reading in bed? Yee haw!

And please note, Smock, the Michael Crichton book you recommended on the blog (below) is a major entry on his list!


yeah! now everyone simply must run out and grab a copy of state of fear.

I managed to spend quite a bit of my youth reading in bed.....and middle age, too. Am looking forward to the future. :)



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