STG: harmless or hardcore? confessions of a globehead

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video meliora's STG (aka: Spanning the Proverbial Globe to Bring You the Constant Variety of Posts) could also stand for Scanning 4 The Globe, a frightening addiction that may one day lead to the original STG being labeled a controlled substance. of course, i can only write for myself, but to make TSO's list of quotes -- well, it goes straight to my head, making me all giddy and tingly and whatnot.

ah, but this could be a typical OTC, perhaps a simple antihistamine, you say.
no! i counter. it's much more than that; it's far too addictive. when someone you admire is quoted, that's OTC; but when your very own words make the globe, it's katy bar the door!

i'll admit that on more than one occasion, i've popped in at video with good intentions...a leisurely perusal of the day's comments, when before i know it, my mouse is click-click-clicking down the scroll bar as i quickly scan for the


that makes my heart skip a beat. ah-ha! okay, okay, letís see. hmm...good one. ah, perfect! yes, very well said. oh, you rascal! wha?...oh she's goooood. a moment of easy agreement is soon followed by a heavy sigh, drat, i didn't make it in.

of course, shaking that goofy grin that rationalizes "of course i didn't make it -- look at who i was up against!" is easy enough, but when you hit the same spot two or three times a day to see if ... if by some miracle ... you've been added?

or worse, you actually do become immortalized ooo, i made it and you find yourself visiting and revisiting your own words. at first it's a simple pat on your own back, a quick toot of the old horn yes! i made it. but later that same day oh good. it's still there that slippery slope threatens still there, just checking to turn into Narcissus' reflection wow! that's really first-rate.

the good news is that after you've made it onto the globe a few times, the enormous swell of pride you like me! you really like me! turns into a bashful self-satisfaction aw shucks, tweren't much and the urge to scan for the globe lessens. somewhat.

but therein lies the rub. once you make it to the aw shucks stage, you think youíve got it all under control. youíre soooo smooth. you can quit scanning for the globe anytime you want, quit sweating hours over your keyboard trying to birth a really quotable phrase. trust me, i know. because just when i thought i'd beat the rap, i find that now, heaven help me, iím coveting the STG lifetime achievement award.


Smock, you can come over and look at my lifetime achievement award any time you want to! Bwaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa!

Oh, that wasn't ladylike, was it.


What I like about making STG is that, once TSO boils away the 6,000 unquoted words, the 25 words remaining make me sound like a genius. "Yes," I say, reading it, "I completely agree. How clever I must be to have said that!"

Beautifully written Smockolish. I finally got around to printing it off & reading it to my wife tonite and she was guffawing all o'er the place. I see a lifetime achievement award in your future.



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